3DK Direct

This project is part of an initiative to launch the 3DKitchen suite of applications into the USA market. Till now the primary distribution method for vending this type of vertical market software has been via Sales Agents calling onto various premises and selling the necessary kitchen design tools that a business requires to function, at least if they do not want to perform all the design manually.

Given that the current era for which we are a part of is being defined by the rise of online methods of transacting business, and, that the target market is geographically remote, this represents an entrance into this potentially large market.

So… its going to be an interesting journey, will get to see whether Government initiatives in providing ultrafast broadband, combined with the general decline of bricks and mortar and personal one-on-one sales techniques in favour of online marketing and remote support will work out, especially given the complexities of the activities required to initiate these types of businesses.

The website itself has been constructed using drupal6 as the CMS. It is not the latest version of Drupal, however many of the modules required for site functionality are not yet ported to the latest version of Drupal, hence being stuck on a previous version. There is a new version of Drupal to be released soon (as of November 2013) and when this is available a decision will be made to shift over to this, porting over ourselves any required modules, or, from experience gained in the use of this CMS, whether its better to start afresh with something different, porting over the unique functionality relied upon as provided in this version.

With less face to face interaction with a prospective purchaser, the difference has to be made up somehow, for this site this is accomplished via comprehensive video tutorials outlining how to design, then following through to the actual manufacturing of the cabinets in the scene. The goal is that a person with reasonable skills, ought be able to follow the steps and end up with the same result.

And, given the pricing structure in place, to do so for far less than what they would be quoted for elsewhere, at least that’s the goal.

If you are geographically located in the USA then the site is viewable at 3DK Direct. If not, then the site is not viewable given that it is intended for USA based kitchen design and manufacturing businesses only.