Trac is a wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. It provides a framework for a team working on a project a platform on which to share ideas, keep trac of the various issues and enhancement requests that occur and also to provide a view into the source code repositories such as git, hg, svn and others that are to be managed as part of a project. It is functional, well regarded by its users and is a good choice to manage a project. The software is written in python, and by default uses an sqlite database. In use the software appears responsive giving a good first page appearance, that is, after not accessing the site for awhile, page loads are quick.

In comparison to redmine, the software is a little less featured, requiring additional plugins to bring its functionality to that which redmine provides out of the box. But, there are very many available plugins written by the active and vibrant community, therefore whatever one expects of project management software has probably been written, and if not the mechanisms exist to write additional functionality as well as to share with the community.

The wiki is great for building complex online documentation with images, downloadable files with a good structure, and being a wiki, tracking changes between document versions is more precise than in the case of determining different versions of documents written using html markup. It is also easy to create these pages, quicker than updating a cms which would be an alternative.

We are able to provide, host and support this for you, either running on your own infrastructure or ours.

The project page for trac is: