Kowhai research solutions generalise in Bespoke software development and the system administration of Debian/Ubuntu based Linux servers. We develop solutions using a variety of tools and technologies, although our current favourite is for web based applications developed in PHP/HTML5/Javascript.

In addition to our favoured approach listed above, we have familiarity with C++ based development in conjunction with WTL (Windows Template Library) and OpenGL, while able to adapt to other technologies such as QT, MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) and DirectX as the need arises.

We have performed customisations and extensions on software developed for the Kitchen design and manufacturing industry, most notably 3DKitchen, and are familiar with some of the requirements of this industry, having worked on the C++ code within the software that creates a design, then following each step of the process through to the CNC machine.

In addition to these specific skills we are familiar with many other tools, languages and technologies, and, given the nature of any particular project, would give consideration to the use of Python, C#, Perl or Ruby based frameworks to suit a particular project requirement, and also to VBA (Visual Basic Applications) for Microsoft Excel or Access as required.